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In recent years, accusations of antisemitism - as well as real fears/concerns about  it - have been repeatedly used to divide, distract and harm social justice movements. The Jewish Persistence pledge is designed to help put a stop to this cycle. The pledge is an organizing tool to solidify sustained multiracial Jewish commitment to BLM, by organizing non-Black Jews to stay in the movement even when charges of antisemitism arise. It also promotes an empowered vision for collective resistance to antisemitism.


This pledge has been shaped by a multiracial group of Jewish activists and thinkers. It is written in a multiracial Jewish voice, while emphasizing that it’s up to non-Black Jews to do the work being described.

Given that these conversations disproportionately impact Black Jews, the pledge and the plan need to be shaped by Black Jews. The current draft is the result of detailed edits by Black Jewish contributors throughout the second half of 2020. We are now incorporating the 3rd stage of edits by Black Jewish contributors. Thanks to all who have taken part, and welcome to those who are joining the process!

The project’s non-Black Jewish logistical volunteers have begun to form a fundraising team, in hopes of providing some compensation (not yet clear how much) to each Black Jewish contributor while funds permit. You do not need to post comments in order to be compensated (but please do fill out the contributor form so we know how to reach you). Questions: