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Christian Hegemony resources

Paul Kivel wrote the book on Christian Hegemony and plays a leading role in educating activists on this issue. He's compiled a wealth of resources here:

Christian & Christian-supportive organizations

I asked activists: What Christian organizations are out there taking positive action to address Christian hegemony? These are some of the groups people suggested. 

I first specifically asked about what white Christians can plug into. White Christians have extra responsibility to deal with this issue, but the shame can be overpowering when your group is implicated in such big issues in history. Here are some positive resources for white Christians who are starting to face this challenge:

SURJ-Faith - (the faith wing of Showing Up for Racial Justice)

and especially their weekly podcast for white Christians:

The Word is Resistance

The following resources and organizations are a mix: some multiracial, some primarily white, some formally Christian and some interfaith. I can't vouch for the level of understanding of CH that each one has, but some of them are doing amazing work.

Mennonite Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition

Unity Fellowship Church Movement

Metropolitan Community Churches

Sojourners and magazine founder Jim Wallis

Faithful America


Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

The Baptist Joint Committee and their podcast, The Dangers of Christian Nationalism

Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Geez Magazine

Radical Discipleship

If you see your group here and you think I'm miscategorizing it, let me know: homeandfreedom @ gmail . com

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