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Other Resources:

 On  antisemitism, I also recommend these resources.


For general audiences:

My 2019 Washington Post piece offers fresh perspectives on resisting antisemitism for a wide audience.

Not just for activists, Cherie Brown and Amy Leos-Urbel's 2017 pamphlet, Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone's Concern? is written in broad, approachable language.

For Leftists who are still skeptics:

Eric K. Ward's essay, Skin in the Game, deftly weaves together nuts and bolts theory on the antisemitic core of white nationalism with personal reflections from his early years as a Black anti-fascist organizer.


For social justice organizers & theorists:
Jews For Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) produced their carefully-conceived 2017 report, Understanding Antisemitism: An Offering to Our Movement, as the collective work of a multiracial Jewish team of activists and thinkers.

For a global perspective:
Julia T.'s essay From Pittsburgh to Brazil: Antisemitism and Fascist Violence views current antisemitism in the context of the global resurgence of the far Right.

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